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Misfire/Rough Idle. About three weeks ago, while running at WOT, my Optimax 115 started losing RPM and gradually conked out. Let it run for about 10 min to get up to temp. OPTIMAX® GUIDELINES 13 OMNI-CHANNEL APPLICATIONS Sell Sheets Why Choose Optimax Fryer Oil Guide Flyers Premium High Oleic Canola Oil Launched by US Foods® in 1997, Optimax® was one of the first trans fat-free oils in the marketplace, and the brand continues to be a best seller due to its superior frying performance. Oil leaking out of outboard engine. The needle valve should get you a happy medium at about a quarter turn counterclockwise from where the motor will sneeze. The Optimax Management Services Organization (MSO) is designed to allow private practice physicians to maintain 100 percent control of their practice. This is mostly for protection, since a cold engine is more likely to misfire in a damaging way. OptiMax is just not a sell-it-and-run kind of outfit. When there is not enough fuel pressure, the engine may not start. I have a 2000 mercury 200 efi, running really rich at idle and in low rpm ranges. 3. Engine turns over just fine, and there's 2 beeps to the - Light Outboard Motor Boat Bass question This makes it a great choice for new gardeners; Optimax just keeps going all season. But the average reed leaf is only around 1/3 of a square inch, so only about 2 to 3 lbs. Start the engine, run the engine for three minutes, and check for leaks. It has been completely restored including new transom and deck. I have a 2012 Mercury Optimax 115 Pro XS on a Princecraft Expedition 170 which sputters/hesitates during the following times:· sometimes at slow speeds· when coming on plane only when I slowly apply the throttleThis is just a momentary hesitation/sputter and then seems to go on running fine. 5 U. Models covered are 200 & 225 OPTIMAX DIRECT FUEL INJECTION With Serial Numbers 0G386496 and Above. A list of US medications equivalent to Optimax is available on the Drugs. OptiMax is independent. The hub isn't a "basic rubber" formulation either. Have a 115hp 2007 efi merc. Seeing it seems to be running rich on both lpg and petrol, it narrows it down to general engine tune (timing, plugs, leads, air filter) and maybe oxygen sensor if your LPG system has O2 feedback. It will keep running in open loop (default rich mixture) Red Is the boat new or used?What oil are you burning in it,is it still in break in?What temperatures were you running it at when you experienced the problem?Another thing to look at is your exhuast and telltale hole above the water line at the back of the boat? Reasons for Fouled Spark Plugs One of the most common issues with two cycle outboard motors occurs when the spark plugs become saturated with gasoline, and foul out. I have ran a 25p Fury in the past at 3″ below pad at 5600 but 65mph. Volt meter showing good charge while running 14. 1998-1999 Mercury/ Outboard motor service manual application: 98-99 Mercury- 9. Optimax's oil usage varies depending on thottle position. Keep your Optimax running strong with original factory parts from AirInjectors. Enter. But when it comes down to it, flavor is the true test, and here's where this Roma really delights. Is the outboard running too rich? In my search for replacement plugs I was in a (motorbike) shop and handed over the spark plug for them to look for one. Running the engine in your drive is not full throttle just full RPM. ie it feels like its about to stall all the time then the engine clicks over again and so on With 4. com /P4 /R3. SAC found the TORNADO was running a little lean at low RPM and a little rich at high RPM but acknowledged that it was one of the best chips they've come accross. EFI Salt 115ELPT Optimax 115ELPT Optimax Saltwater The Mercury 200 EFI  12 Jul 2018 When the engine is running for a long time, the sensors stop working due to increased heat level causing the check Rough Acceleration When an engine receives too much gasoline, it is described as running rich. go and look for cracks in the bulb or around the hose, sounds like it could be sucking some air i am not an outboard mechanic or anything but i have had my share of fuel line problems. com website. Ive never changed carburetion for winter. ) 5. Bit of a sweeping statement there Vespa. xping 1. The high density of Shell Optimax can cause some bikes to run rich (see section on running rich) unless changes are made to the engine or the bike can adjust the amount of fuel injected (i. (The higher the plug number, the hotter the plug. “Why does my engine smoke so much when I first start it”. I believe the only way is to cut it 7’11”, then have it a half inch short on either side. Why Does A Two Stroke Engine Smoke So Much? One question I’ve been asked many times by two stroke customers-bikes, sleds, or Atv’s. The idle coughing returned, and it started to smell like it was running rich again. I really think there is more in this boat. I have another beautiful Classic 23 foot Mako for sale. S. I winterized it by running fuel stabilizer, quickleen and DFI oil through the engine while idling for ten minutes as I always have. DOWNLOAD outboard or inboard marine repair manuals straight to your computer in seconds—fix your problems now. OPTIMAX ACCESS provides methodological and strategic advice for reimbursement assessment to demonstrate the value of products and gain market access. Does not undrstand why it is still running like rich. OptiMax Drilling Solutions has worked with industry leaders like… Previous Next “ I recommend DEEPVIEW to all performance-oriented companies to help achieve drilling and NPT optimization goals to reduce drilling costs and increase efficiency. Will be eaiser than changing the jets. 1. 75” PVS adjustable vent holes would be the solution for this scenario. 9hp (9. Why won't my Mercury Optimax 150 outboard start up. The chap said that my engine was running too rich because of the colour of my plugs. If your sensor is bad, the ECU is seeing a cold engine even though it may have warmed up. See my pic. 6 +Unichip + tornado chip +245 / 75 (!!! NB !!!) / 16 tyres: 111Kw @ 4300 / 307Nm @ 3400 Above figures were measured at 1500m above sea level. 5 mpg with the four stroke vs 3. chug chug chug, engine would not run higher than a fast idle (5-10 mph). It has a custom fiberglass pulpit with a Good anchor davit and plow anchor. Or it might be a conicidence with the atmosphere changing on the 2nd day. This is equivalent to what the standard ping utility does by default. Wow! This stuff really frustrates me! Customer had the boat at another shop, they replaced an air compressor, They called the client and said boat was ready, customer drove 5 hours round trip to pick up the boat loaded all of his gear to get ready for a tournament. As a result, your bike will run extermely rich, until it warns up to operating temp, and then it will run leaner. Collectively, with our IPM service, the OptiMax team has directly drilled over 2500 wells globally on and offshore. It turns out I never used the oil and have stocked up on Optimax synthetic blend. is there more than usual smoke when trying to start it? sounds rich to me You might find it does it on the second day as it is only just running rich, not hugely. Home) tune is a cat map, so this usually makes a non-cat car run very rich. Mercury 70 hp bogs down at full throttle. : it is fitted with fuel injection and a lambda sensor). If it has the blue saltwater logo you found gold. It never had a tranny issue. . Outboard motors must be cleaned and maintained regularly to provide reliable power. 2005 Mercury Optimax 225 « on: June 24, 2013, 12:39:03 PM » Ok, so I just had my motor rebuilt because some people thaought it would be hilarious (I guess) to pour water into my oil. 9 hp), 15hp (15 hp) Bigfoot and Non-Big Foot 4-Stroke Outboard Engine. Is that right? If you have run your motor at low rpm without load in cold weather, it is completely normal that unburned black oil drips out of exhaust or drain holes in lower unit afterwards, almost every two-stroke I've had did that. Re: 07 225 Optimax Stalling not Running check to see if there is fuel in the air side of the rail top fitting is fuel lower is air. Optimax MIS. per square inch pressure differential to open the reeds. Ditto the others, I troll mine too. Question , is the Quicksilver oil ok to use ,and what is the difference between the two,pricing was about the same. . I usually do cars and trucks, but if you are getting an electronic beep, you might go online and refer to an engine Manual for what you own. OptiMax II is the contractor's boom of choice for rivers and streams where conditions such as a fast current may exist that requires additional buoyancy reserve. Used a large garbage can and put it under the motor filled with water. qt. Mercury Optimax 115 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for Mercury Optimax 115. ‹ › Top Selling Brands ‹ › OptiMax is a strong and versatile containment boom that meets OPA 90 specification for use in rivers, streams and near shore ocean environments. MIS reports and Business Intelligence reports for all companies. Fuel Injector Types; Injector Diagram; Injector Data; Injector Performance Calculators; Fuel Injector Maintenance; Fuel Injector Connectors and Adapters; Fuel Pump Selection; FAQ; HPDI. Perhaps it is the mixture but don't blame the Optimax. After a couple of restarts and the same thing happening, the problem went away. Currently running a balanced and blueprinted 25p Tempest at about 2. Most newer Optimax outboards are rigged with SmartCraft gauges. download a repair manual in seconds This manual enables you to properly service, repair, adjust the idle on your Mercury-Mariner engine, as well as fix or overhaul your entire engine to factory specifications. I ran it two weekends ago for the first time and immediately observed that is runs very rough around 2000-2500 rpms when accelerating to get on plane. 0 TKS Mercury Full‑Synthetic MerCruiser Oil 20W‑40 4. -New Husqvarna handheld blower, ran like crap, like it was running rich, never would rev all the way. log 2001 200 HP Optimax not running right be dumping blue 2 stroke smoke more than ever which makes me think it is getting excessive oil for some reason or it is rich As of October 2010 Mercury is recommending running Optimax oil in place of the original recommendation of Premium Plus. This is my first bass boat with a high performance engine so everything is new to me. 2007 mercury optimax 150 probl. , checked the filter in the tank on the fuel sender one more time - it was pristine, put it in the water on Saturday, started right up and sounded great. you don't have much wiggle room in these specs if either is off more than 5 psi you will not get the fuel bloom your looking for in the cylinder. No more questioning which FS or XS, just go with the Dual PVS Bravo I XS. Swaped the fuel again, and a minute later, ran fine. I was away last w/e and Mrs S said it felt like it was running short of fuel - it starts to rev itself when it is. Optimax Optical. 2. When there is too much fuel pressure, the engine runs rich. We have 15 Mercury Optimax 115 manuals available for free PDF download: Service Manual, Operation Maintenance Warranty Installation Manual, Operation Maintenance Installation Warranty Manual, Owner's Manual, Operation And Maintenance Manual, Manual, Manuam, Brochure Optimax Sales Force Automation system for Kevilton Private Limited. PAR Plans · PAR's Building Tips and Tricks · PAR, Jan 14, 2018. If running rich, a little cooler. The motor didn't seem too warm, however the tell tale went from a steady stream to sputtering a little bit. Re: 2007 mercury 150 optimax Post by hydro » Tue Mar 19, 2019 12:46 pm With the Mercury EFI V6 outboards the fuel : air ratio is richened when the engine is cold and then gradually leaned out as the motor temp increases up to normal operating temperature . When Ten Tips to Improve the Performance of Your Outboards. I have been running my XR6T solely on Optimax and have around 2000 klm on the car now. Optimax is a medicine available in a number of countries worldwide. 9/15 (4-Stroke) (323 cc) & 9. Idled out of the marina gave it some gas and. You might be able to try a hotter plug for at the lakes. Engine turns over just fine, and there's 2 beeps to the throttle box. This mower is under 3 years old and is clean with very low mileage (small garden!). Mercury opti 115 is one of their best motors ever. Optimax Air Injectors; Fuel Injector Types, Diagram, Flow Data, Calculators and Maintenance. At gas $5-6 a gallon on Woods the four is especially cheaper to run. Com Optimax 200 SJ running rough and slow When I put away my Sportjon with the 200 Mercury Sportjet last Fall, it was performing well. Any ideas of what this could be?? The outboard fuel pump has a sensitive diaphragm that receives a suction signal from a piston cylinder so the pump can deliver fuel. This expansion of the crankcase area does not create a complete vacuum, but rather only a partial vacuum, so at best there is only 6-10 lbs. Dumped out the amsoil mix, put in the Stihl mix, and within 1 minute it was running WOT like a champ. A MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) sensor thet is telling the ECM thet the manifold pressure in the engine is high when it is low. Gas milage when running around 5000 rpm is better, at 6. The OptiMax Team understands the challenges of running a drilling operation first hand. I believe walleyes does too. Otomix manufacturer of bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting shoes, Gym shoes, activewear, workout, muscle wear, Karate Taekwondo and martial arts gear since 1989. will run for miles with no issues and then all of a sudden it will run bad again. To get caught up on the season, check out superboat. I even dumped back the HP mix, refilled with 50:1 Sabre and it went back to running like crap. Our team is proud to be there to help you every day, over month-end, and through the jumble of year-end medical scheme changes. More than just eyeglasses. Oil coming out of two-stroke exhaust I started up my 90 hp Mercury OB on my 1962 Grady White yesterday for the first time this season. Stop the engine. This debris can limit the operation of these injectors and cause all kind of performance issue. Optimax is a global e-commerce company that is changing the world of eyewear in a very profound way. A downloadable repair manual is a digitally delivered book of instructions that provides step-by-step maintenance, troubleshooting and repair procedures. Models Covered are Mercury - 9. 7 TKS 7. And of course instant start and no smoke. It is therefore recommended that you have the Optimax air and fuel injectors at least flow tested and if needed cleaned in the event of an air compressor failure. Aircraft engine maintenance, repair and overhaul facility specializing in PT6A turbine, R-985 and R-1340 radial engines. hey, i have a vl exec and have started running it on optimax the last 5 or so weeks. Motor will run rough after trolling for awhile and the RPMs will occasionally drop off also at higher RPMs. com by running 3 iterations of 4 pings each. HELP I have a 78 evenrude 115 outboard and there is oil running out of the exhaust holes and out from behind the prop. Thought I would ask the question on here. 9 oz for the 72MH glass. 25:1 is way too much oil to be using except maybe during breakin. e. ) Oil-fouled plug: Wet, black, oily deposits on insulator tip and electrodes. Rich at 631-445-0355 Overly rich fuel/air mixture, dirty air filter, too much driving at low speeds, or idling for a long time. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts, pro or con, regarding flashing an outboard? My understanding of this is that engines within the same range, like 75 - 115, are basically the same so you pull off your ECU, send it to an outfit in California, where they presumably overwrite the software with the higher horsepower settings and send it back. The new water pump was installed two months ago. We assist the pharmaceutical and medical device companies in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submission to secure the recommended status from national and regional health care programs. I have NOT experienced any black residue around the exaust area. This boat was finished just last spring and is by far the best boat out of Babylon Boat Works. The engine is flooded with gasoline and not enough air to allow combustion. GlassesUSA is one of the leading online eyewear destinations, with millions of unique monthly users and endless satisfied customers. When it seems like no amount of replacement plugs can fix the issue, it might be due to a number of factors. Yamaha HPDI Pump Service; Yamaha HPDI Mystery Filters; Shipping; Contact Briggs & Stratton mower sooty. I have 2 8′ PP Blades and 3 batteries. Hello: I just bought a new Nitro Z-8 with a Optimax 250 Pro XS. Yamaha HPDI Pump Service; Yamaha HPDI Mystery Filters; Shipping; Contact Background for the Enthusiast. on here had any other suggestions due to a rich running motor or at  If we had a dollar for every time our boats started sputtering and running rough because we forgot to open the fuel vent on our portable fuel tanks, well, we'd  Motor will run rough after trolling for awhile and the RPMs will to one i had on my merc optimax which isnt al that different from the EFIs. com, and you can watch the live streams from this season’s races. A faulty coolant temp sensor that is telling the ECM that the engine is cold when it is hot. Red diesel is still ULSD en590 just with an added dye. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale. 3 TKS 3. If the cylinder has a leak, the pump pulse signal will not be strong enough to send the proper amount of fuel to the cylinder. I think I ripped through an oyster bed. An engine that is running really rich also may experience a rough idle, surging and possibly even carbon-fouled spark plugs. I wonder whether the zone between 2500 and 3500 is where the switching from stratified to homogeneous is occurring. The temperature gauge [indicates that the Mercury 150-HP BlackMax] is running real hot. This causes an increase in fuel consumption and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions. Fuel injector symptoms for bad, faulty, dirty, clogged, leaking injectors: poor starting, idle, performance, fuel consumption, failed emissions, detonation Oil leaking out of outboard engine. They dont run MX in winter here which is the only time Im runningflat out screaming for extended periods of time anyways. Even when the trouble lies with your PC or email or printer, we’re happy to help you get it sorted. Re: 2004 225 Optimax Problems Hi really need some more info. 9/15 Bigfoot (4-Stroke) (323 cc) with Serial Numbers 0G590000 and Above. Bottom line, in April we’re trying to make it easier for all Mercury OptiMax ProXS and Mercury Racing OptiMax 300XS outboards running the Torque Master II gearcase. In the Superboat class, Keith Holmes and Ed Smith won the race in their 38-foot Skater, Cleveland Construction, while Billy Mauff and Jay Muller won the national title in Mauff’s 40-foot Skater, WHM Motorsports. 24 Apr 2014 And what are the fuel and air pressures as read with the Optimax dual . I am running at Triton 19×3 with a 225 Mercury Optimax. Since you just posted this, I'm guessing you ran it with the muffs on with the engine having no boat weight load on it. Does anyone know HOW the actuator works? It's just a reeve switch but where to the wires lead to? I can't find ANY wiring schematic that shows these wires. I was running low on DFI oil at the resort this past summer and bought a gallon of the Quicksiver Premium Plus as thats all the marina had in stock. 5 with the 75. Later model SmartCraft SmartTach's have "Descriptive Text" readouts which will scroll a fault in the event of a faulty Direct Injector. For me, I would never go back to a basic two stroke, but would consider a optimax type two stroke. Optimax is running rich? - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic. Cheers Mercury's Optimax runs in two fuel charge induction modes, stratified and homogeneous. 4 oz for the 72MH and 4. Fully dealer maintained. xping optimax. A Mercury outboard that idles rough and or Re: How to tell if running lean, or rich? If your motor is running lean, it will "sneeze" at low rpm, if it's running rich it will smoke and foul the plugs. Sounds like an egg beater when running 4500 rpm's but that's offset by your need to pull skiers out of the water. I have some questions back to you. Switch to “hotter” plug. HowTo: Sea Doo Running Rough? Change the Spark Plugs First 28 This entry was posted in DIY Reference Sea Doo and tagged DCPR8E dielectric engine running rough losing power replace replace spark plugs RXP Sea Doo spark plug on July 10, 2013 by Steve Jenkins (updated 1497 days ago) Download Mercury outboard repair manual, mercury outboard repair manuals online, mercury 115 hp outboard 2 stroke manual, mercury 40 hp 4-stroke outboard service manual pdf instantly. The ECT sensor tell the computer when the engine has warmed up. Also i run carbon guard by evinrude in my engine and test the gas for ethanol V6 Cylinder, Two Cycle. 2011 mercury 150 optimax missing at idle, how to set up the idne timing on a 1984 75hp mercury outboard, low speed trolling with a 75hp mercury 75 hp 2 stroke boat motor, mercury 115 hp 2004 idle problems, mercury 150 efi stumbles then runs fine, mercury 40hp erratic idle cuts off, mercury outboard 2001 motor idles too high, Ok so the bulb doesnt stay hard after youve been running it for a while. Temperatures are in the 150 degrees range at sustained WOT on a lean tune. 4v. Love your eyes, protect your eyes. The three most likely causes of a rich running EFI engine are: 1. OptiMax 225 XL (25 inch) perfect running top notch motor. Fluid type 4. At a mechanics now has had it on the diagnostics and checked over pretty much everything with it all coming back fine. Oil may be leaking into cylinders past worn pistons or poorly adjusted or worn valves. One with the engine off and when while running. 8 liters (4 U. He puts the boat in the water and the motor is running on 2 cylinders!!! Select Mercury Optimax Outboard Test Model Stroke Displacement Fuel consumption WOT Boat owner? Find out all of the information about the Mercury Outboards product: boating engine / outboard / gasoline / 2-stroke OPTIMAX PRO XS 115. A failed Mercury Optimax air compressor will send debris to the air injectors. Tom Page 58: Engine Oil Drain Pump. 25 liters (4. So it might spend the first day fowling up so to speak. What is the fuel rail pressure? and what is the air rail pressure? fuel pressure should be 80psi and the air rail should be at 90 psi. A move to the Bravo I FS with the smaller . How does the dye cause an issue? I'm not aware of the agriculture industry reporting problems with their high tech tractor engines or stationary power generators? Thread: Oil coming out of two-stroke exhaust. 1 /X /L c:\temp\xping. Mercury outboard running rough - Final fix and engine runs - Troubleshooting Part 3 How to Diagnose Injector or Coil Fault on a Mercury Optimax 150 HP Outboard Engine - Duration: 10:21 Mercury outboard idles rough and/or stalls refers to when a Mercury outboard runs in an irregular or uneven manner while in neutral or out of gear. IT STARTING RUNNING RICH AT THE SAME TIME THE LOW SPEED CONTROL ACTUATOR STOPPED WORKING! - This has GOT to be some kind of clue or link. LPG can be quite hard on plugs and leads so I would start with these along with base timing and see how it goes. The skin is firm, but the interior is succulent and rich. Test the connection to optimax. Looking at the package the check valve came in, it looks like  Complemented with the Optimax or Tornado chip, this has to be the best of options. All four corners of trailer are this way. Hello, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help you with this. The objective is to consolidate business and financial management services for functional improvements and lowering costs. It is also not as responsive as the starboard, the starboard (674 hours) sounds and runs amazing; it accelerates and decelerates in perfect sync with the throttle. 7 oz. BlueCruiser84 SILVER Star. Boat engines have the same operating principles as do land vehicle engines, but having trouble with your boat engine can leave you and your family in a precarious predicament. Less soot and carbon buildup if you do alot of low speed or idle extended periods of time. Where I live the Optimax is around 4 cents per litre cheaper than the Synergy also. Optimax Running Rich? I have twin 2001 150hp optimax motors, the port motor (942 hours) has been stalling at idle, and seems to be running rough in comparison to the starboard. The lat week or so the car has been running really ruff. 1 hour ago, newyorktoiowa57 said: 4. As for all of the "I've been doing it for X number of years" comments, I did many many neutral drops in my old Mustang for probably six years from age 15-21. Tackle Tour list the NRX 852C JWR at 3. That doesn't mean that it wasn't doing harm. My Suzuki 90hp 4-stroke has two different ports for flushing. Our ventures . the Front and back both have a raised lip on my trailer. Any ideas of what this could be?? My Outboard Motor Runs at High Speed, But Will Not Idle by Joe McElroy . ie: at idle an Optimax will use about a 400:1 ratio and at wide open throttle about 44:1 ratio. 5″ below pad at 5650 at 67mph. optimax running rich

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